Whether your divorce is contentious or not, whether you have children or not, whether you have a lot of assets or not, whether just about anything, there is one common theme among all divorce: it is emotionally taxing. Under those circumstances, it can be easy to overlook an important matter or to compromise to something to your detriment. A divorce lawyer in Michigan will make sure nothing is missing and that the divorce is fair and considers your rights and interests.

At Woznicki Law, our divorce lawyer helps clients understand what's at stake. Some of the most common questions asked are answered here for you. We know that informed clients make better decisions for themselves and their families. If you want specific answers that relate to your unique situation, contact us online or at 269-692-5244 to schedule a Free Informational Call or a Paid Legal Coaching Session.

How much will my divorce in Michigan cost?

The verage cost of a divorce in Michigan is $16,000.  The cost of your divorce will depend on multiple factors, but mainly it depends on whether the divorce is contested or not. Quite naturally, an uncontested divorce will not cost as much simply because the process is much more straightforward. In an uncontested divorce, you may not even see a day inside the courtroom. But in contested divorces, the costs depend on factors like:

  • The extent of the disputes or disagreements between the spouses
  • The potential for custody battles
  • The number of assets, including the allegations of hidden assets
  • The attorney you hire––and that does not only mean the attorney fees but the lawyer's legal competency and negotiating skills

Giving a precise prediction of how much your divorce will cost is impossible for most firms because of the various factors that go into it and the process of hourly billing.

However with our Transparent, Flat Fee Pricing you know up front what to expect. 

What if my spouse does not want a divorce?

You can still file for divorce even if your spouse does not want the divorce. Michigan allows for no-fault divorces. No fault simply means the marriage has irretrievably broken down or the spouses have irreconcilable differences.  

Can I sue for divorce in Michigan on the grounds of adultery?

No, adultery may be the reason that the divorce is happening, but you do not have to have any grounds for divorce. Fault can come into play for other issues like Spousal Support, but not for grounds. 

How is Michigan child custody or support determined?

Child custody, visitation, and child support are determined case-by-case. These matters, however, are always determined by considering the "best interests of the child" standard. In general, though, courts want both parents to build strong relationships with their children. Courts also recognize that both parents are financially responsible for the child. Child custody, visitation, and child support will reflect those beliefs as the basis of the determination.

How is Michigan alimony determined?

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is determined on a case-by-case basis. Michigan uses several factors including the present earning ability and future earning opportunities of the spouses. If one spouse was dependent on the other spouse through the marriage, that factor may weigh heavily on any court's decision on alimony.

How are assets and debt divided in Michigan?

Assets and debt are divided based on equitable distribution, not necessarily 50/50––what matters is what's fair.

My spouse is abusive. How do I protect myself during the divorce?

Spouses who have abusive spouses are in most danger when they seek divorce. You should protect yourself by getting as much help and support you can. You can file for a a Personal Protective Order. You should also consider state and local programs aimed at helping survivors of domestic abuse. You also want to build a network of support using friends and family as well as a supportive family law attorney.

How do I start my divorce in Michigan?

To start a divorce, you have to file a summons and complaint with the court clerk. You or the other party must have lived in Michgian for at least 6 months and in the county that you are filing at least 10 days. Once the complaint is filed, the other spouse has 21 - 28 days (depending on how they were served) answer the complaint unless the divorce is a joint divorce petition, making an answer unnecessary. The most efficient way to start a divorce is to contact a divorce attorney to handle it for you. This way the complaint is properly filed and/or timely answered. 

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