We offer flat fee, transparent pricing. That means you pay one fee for our services.  You know up front how much your case will cost.  

  • FLAT FEE: With flat fee billing, the focus is on value rather than billable hours, which aligns with the interest of the client and the law firm. Lawyers are encouraged to work efficiently to add as much value to the client's case as they can. In a word, fixed fee pricing encourages problem solving.
  • HOURLY BILLING:  The most obvious drawback of hourly billing is that it could be seen to incentivize inefficiency on the lawyer's part. After all, the longer a case goes on, the more money the law firm makes with an hourly billing model.  Hourly billing also creates an element of uncertainty for the client. When work is charged per hour, clients aren't able to budget for the entirety of a case and may end up spending significantly more than they first anticipated.

Fee Structure - Full Service

The fees listed below are minimum engagement fees for representation. You final fee will be agreed upon and listed on your representation agreement. 

Full Service Representation means hiring an attorney to fully represent you in court. 


Kitchen Table (Amicable or Uncontested) Divorce

A case is uncontested if it is not answered by the other party. Pricing is average and may vary.

  • No Children or Property       $3,000+
  • Children or Property             $5,000+
  • Children and Property          $7,500+

Contested Divorce or Child Custody Complaint - Settlement

Includes Summons and Complaint and Court Forms, Temporary Motions, Ex Parte Motions, appearance at Temporary Hearing, Mediation Preparation, Mediation*, and Final Order*. Pricing is average and may vary.

  • Assumes Settlement through Formal Mediation     $5,000 - $15,000+
  • *Mediator Fees per party                                             $450+
  • *QDRO Preparation                                                     $500+

WOZNICKI LAW does not offer litigation at Trial. 

We firmly believe in settlement in family law and do not include Trial as part of our services. 

In the unlikely event that your case doesn't result in a settlement, we have a network of litigation focused attorneys that we collaborate with to help you.  Their fees will be separate from ours.

Unbundled or Limited Scope

If you need help with just part or your case we can craft a flat fee that works for both of us.