Collaborative Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Certified Clio Consultant

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Hello there, I'm Mechelle, and I'm not just your ordinary attorney. I bring to the table a wealth of experience that sets me apart from the rest. As a former United States Navy Veteran, I know what it means to work under pressure and deliver results. I spent nearly a decade serving my country and raising a family, and I've been privileged to work in culturally diverse environments across the globe.

My expertise extends beyond the military into the healthcare industry, where I worked as a Global Strategic Sourcing Manager. I was responsible for managing and negotiating multi-million-dollar international contracts, giving me the experience necessary to handle complex legal matters. With a focus on continuous improvement and lean manufacturing, I gained practical process improvement skills that help me to analyze cases from different perspectives.

My unique background in the military and manufacturing industries gives me an edge when it comes to solving complex legal issues. In the realm of family law, mediation, and law firm consulting, I employ a settlement-focused approach that enables my clients to get through their divorce or child custody issues with less fighting, less time in court, and more money in their pocket.

My skills and experience also extend beyond client representation. As an attorney, I understand the importance of running a law practice efficiently. My experience in strategic sourcing and continuous improvement enables me to help other attorneys reduce waste in their process, create increased value for their clients, and practice law in a balanced and sustainable way.

So, if you want an attorney who can help you navigate complex legal issues with ease, someone who is efficient, effective, and passionate about delivering results, then look no further. I am the attorney for you.