People who want to get through their private family or business matters as amicably as possible without going to court need someone that understands that.  

Attorney Woznicki specializes in collaborative solutions, helping people amicably settle their own cases, keeping litigants out of court with lower costs.

In Michigan, only around 2% of new cases actually go to trial. Most legal issues can be solved through mediation, including divorce, child custody, property disputes and complex business issues. Attorney Woznicki has met all requirements under the Michigan Court Rules to serve as a Domestic Relations Mediator and a Civil Mediator. She has over 20 years' experience negotiating business deals and is highly trained in negotiations techniques.

As a mediator, Mechelle is invested in listening to both parties to help them determine what outcome everyone can agree on.

Benefits of mediation include:

  • Greater control over your outcome
  • Reduction of overall legal costs
  • Neutral facilitator
  • Confidentiality – no public documentation

Fee Structure

Civil and Domestic Mediation

Start with early mediation to avoid costly court battles. Price may vary.

  • $450 per party per half day ($900 total), for cases already in process.
  • Settlement Agreement Included 
  • See our Kitchen Table Divorce page for all-inclusive options